Yeast infections are never fun to deal with and in fact can be quite a pain.  Women are far more susceptible to yeast infections than men.  In fact, on average one out of every two women will have at least one yeast infection over the course of their life.  The first step to dealing with a yeast infection is to recognize the problem and that mean understanding what the symptoms of a yeast infection.

More than anything it is important women are aware of what the common symptoms of a yeast infection are, so that they can recognize if they have ever developed on and deal with it effectively.  While the symptoms will vary from one woman to the next, the most common are a burning or itching of the vagina and a cottage cheese like discharge.  Pain during intercourse is also commonly experienced and as soon as a woman notices this she needs to stop having sex and avoid coming into contact with any partners until she is treated.  Fortunately the symptoms of a yeast infection can be treated all at once if the right product is used.

Monistat is often the first suggestion of doctors to patients with this problem.  These are just a few examples of the different symptoms of a yeast infection that may be experienced.  Canesten is another popular choice and works in pretty much the same way.  It is a topical medication that is used as a single application and which is effective enough to treat even recurring yeast infections.

This is of course a great deal more serious, which is the main reason it is so vital to get tested as soon as symptoms like these appear.  For treatment women need to deal with an overgrowth of vaginal yeast because this is what results in the infection.  Monistat and Canesten are both popular products that can be purchased at drugstores and pharmacies.  Even after just a single treatment most women notice a significant improvement in their symptoms and start feeling cleaner and happier.

To make sure that you never have to deal with the symptoms of a yeast infection again, or at least prevent yourself from these infections as best as you can, it is important to take a few steps.  It is important for all women to take preventative steps to protect their bodies and avoid getting yeast infections in the future.  The clothes a woman wears greatly affect the likelihood of her developing a yeast infection.  Lightweight clothing such as cotton pants and underwear are best because they let the vagina breathe and prevent a buildup of bacteria.